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  THE VERDICT is an event experience. If you want to experience THE VERDICT

please email us with the time and date that would work for you.


THE VERDICT is an online experience for 6 - 12 participants.

If you have more questions write us an email contact(at)

 or see if your question is already answered in the FAQ.

Occasionally we will offer options for public bookings. During those sessions you can join individually or with one or two friends. If you want to be notified when we host such games, send us a message and we will send you an email when you can sign up for it. 


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  • What is the aim of 'The Verdict'
    The Verdict is an interactive online jury experience that puts participants in the position of being the member of a jury. Your will be asked to evaluate evidence, and you will get the opportunity to question the defendant. Once your questions have been answered you will have to discuss your thoughts with your fellow jurors. Like in a real jury you will have to make difficult decisions about the uncertainties and the ethics of the case.
  • Can I participate on a phone, tablet, chromebook or smart-TV?"
    No, certain functions (such as file-sharing through Zoom) do not work on Android devices or IOS phones and tablets. To participate you need to join with a Laptop or stationary computer. Besides this we do not reccommend joining through a smart TV or in a setting where you are far away from the screen. Technically you may be able participate, however in our experience participants that are further away from their screen tend to be left out of the discussion more due to various reasons and have a less fulfilling experience.
  • Do I need to have the 'Zoom App' installed on my Laptop?
    It is possible to join over the browser, but for optimal performance we recommend you to download the latest version of the Zoom App
  • Do I need a webcam?
    Yes, please use a laptop with a functional webcam.
  • Can I particiapte by myself?
    You can buy a ticket for yourself, but you will always play with others. Interacting with the other jurors, and the defendant, is an essential part of The Verdict, and makes it a unqiue interactive online experience.
  • Can I reserve a private session for my friends and me?
    For every game we offer 12 tickets. If you want to play with a group of friends, this is possible, but we would recommend you to contact us to find a suitable date. We reccommend a minimum of 6 participants for The Verdict online experience.
  • Is this a light-hearted murder mystery game?
    No. We do not recommend to you to play 'The Verdict' if you are looking for an easy fun murder mystery. 'The Verdict' combines the investigative elements of a trial with the uncertainties and dilemmas of being in a jury. The game deals realistically with emotionally heavy themes. It is more a piece of interactive online threatre than a light-hearted game. If you want to surprise people with this experience or if you want to use it in a specific context, please contact us and we can help you to decide if it will fit.
  • Is this experience suitable for my company teambuilding event?
    This depends on the goals of your event. For more information about 'The Verdict' as corporate team challenge, click on our dedicated page for professional teams.
  • Can we join with multiple people on one device?
    No, if you want to join with multiple people, please make sure that everyone has their own device.
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